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PHP News or Weblog



Here is a short list of features that are currently in PNOB (as of 0.1):
  1. Stores data in the popular MySQL database.
  2. Allows for an easily-managed news or weblog system that can be private, public, single-user, or multi-user.
  3. Automatically-generated headlines file, which can be easily incorporated into any site.
  4. Easy-to-use user authentication which offers a cookie-based "remember me" option.
  5. Several user-levels to allow for different permissions.
  6. Many builtin color themes and output formats.
  7. Robust system for creating custom color themes and formats.
  8. Can stand alone or be embedded into an existing page.
  9. Many configurable settings for the Output, some of which include:
    • 12-hour vs 24-hour clock format.
    • Timezone correction (for users who have a remote server in a different timezone).
    • Private or public weblog/news system option (require login option for viewing output).
    • Anonymous posting option.
    • Many more, not listed here.
Here is a list of features that will be seen as early as 0.2-RC1:
  1. A full comment system, allowing the admin to select whether anonymous replies are allowed or if the user must have a valid login to reply.
  2. A full search feature.
  3. A spell-check based on aspell.
  4. Move settings to the MySQL database instead of storing them locally in a file.


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