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Please note that this documentation reflects the developers' latest changes!
It is suggested that you rely on the documentation supplied with your PNOB installation.



Want to create your own styles for PNOB?

First, backup outputstyles.css.php (copy it to a new name and then edit the
original file).

Edit the outputstyles.css.php file:
Copy one of the existing style (all styles start with /*** Style Name ****/).
Modify the colors how you want them to be -- the names of each part should be
fairly self-explanatory.  Make sure to change the names in your new style from
the name of the old one.  Now, edit pnob_vars.php and add your style's name to
the list.  If you add it at the end, be sure to add a comma to the end of the
previous last one.

If you just want to modify a style, just open outputstyles.css.php and find the
appropriate field and modify its color.  The names of each section were named
so that they would be easy to understand what they represent, but you can
always tinker if you are unsure.

If you would like to submit your style, which I'm sure you do, please email the
style (not the whole outputstyles.css.php) to weaseal@users.sourceforge.net and
your style may appear in the next version of PNOB!  Don't forget to include
your name if you would like it included in the ChangeLog for the version
including your style.


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