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	FIX: A feature that was misbehaving until this version.
	MOD: A feature that was not misbehaving but has had its behavior
	ADD: A feature that has been added in this version.
	PRE-RELEASE: This is considered to be a new release with publically
	 untested features.
	RELEASE: This is considered to be a new release with publically
	 tested features.
	UPDATE: This is considered to be an update to a RELEASE that contains
	 fixes and/or minor new features.

================= PRE-RELEASE : VERSION 0.2-RC1 : 2004-MAY-16 =================
[Type]	[Description]
FIX : Fixed an error in the way in which the custom format was processed that
	caused some posts containing special characters to be displayed
FIX : Links in headlines.php now reflect proper colors of Settings page.
MOD : Modified check_auth() to return 1 for success, 0 for fail.  Added
	noauth_die() to be called if 0 is returned.
MOD : After a news item has been submitted or modified, or settings have been
	changed, the confirmation page automatically forwards the user back to
	the main page.
ADD : Added a comment system.  If you are upgrading from a previous version of
	PNOB, visit http://yoursite.com/pnob/createcommenttable.php to complete
	the upgrade.  See the Upgrading section of INSTALL.
ADD : Added a spellcheck system.  Spellcheck button found on Submit and Modify
	pages (only if PHP was compiled with pspell support).
ADD : Added nocache to http header of index page to prevent problems where the
	submit page was shown to users who had just logged out and went
	directly back to the index page.

=================== UPDATE : VERSION 0.1.1 : 2004-APRIL-19 ====================
[Type]	[Description]
FIX : Fixed a code error that made changing passwords impossible.

==================== RELEASE : VERSION 0.1 : 2004-APRIL-14 ====================
[Type]	[Description]
FIX : In code, all instances of "<?" were changed to "<?php".  This should fix
	problems for users who have short-tags turned off and will allow PNOB
	to be embedded in XHTML, thanks to a bug report by adaran.
FIX : Links from archive pages now list all posts for that day (problem only
	arose when there were more posts for that day than the default posts as
	selected on the Settings page).
FIX : On custom formats, a blank subject now defaults to "(none)".
MOD : (adaran) All configuration variables are now inside an array called $cfg
	and indexed by their former variable name. (For example $timeoffnum has
	become $cfg['timeoffnum'])
MOD : (adaran) The defaults/specific.php now ships with default values, to
	avoid confusing new users that wonder why nothing shows when they have
	not set any settings yet.
ADD : Links on "by topic" archive page now have titles that display the full
	subject.  "Calendar" now displays number of posts in the month and
	link titles display post count for each day.

================ PRE-RELEASE : VERSION 0.1-RC3 : 2004-MARCH-31 ================
[Type]	[Description]
FIX : Spelling error in INSTALL.
FIX : Error causing pages to be cut short for users who embedded PNOB's output
	in their own page.
FIX : Error with edit link pointing to the wrong page under non-Custom formats.
FIX : Error with version information being displayed improperly on new-post and
	post-modification pages.

================ PRE-RELEASE : VERSION 0.1-RC2 : 2004-MARCH-26 ================
[Type]	[Description]
FIX : Date bug on output page (all formats).
FIX : Modify page now correctly displays alternating row colors.
FIX : Bug affecting installations on an NFS network.
FIX : Bugs affecting users who have selected the 'Embedded' option.
FIX : Bug causing the "Items to show: " portion of the output to not
	be displayed under certain circumstances (with few posts).
MOD : Latest version is now displayed as an image instead of fetching a remote
	variable.  This should work better for users with certain firewall
	options disallowing their webserver to retrieve files.
MOD : Settings for text-boxes for mood, and music are now reflected upon the
	submit and modify pages.
MOD : Recreate ChangeLog format and add glossary.
MOD : Post ID's are now based on retrieving the post_ids in the MySQL database.
	You may delete post_count.php if you used 0.1-RC1.
MOD : Some minor cosmetic changes to the PNOB interface.
MOD : Superficial change to the "Items to show: " workings.  Number can no
	longer go above the max items.  It should be noted that this was not
	causing a problem before.
ADD : Custom Format option.  See Settings page.
ADD : Custom Style option.  See Settings page.
ADD : Anonymous Poster option.  See settings page.
ADD : Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, link, and image buttons to
	news-submission/modification (thanks to Marina Goritskaia).
ADD : View specific post dates in the International Date Format (ISO 8601):
ADD : Post archives.  Visit http://yoursite.com/pnob/output.php?archive
ADD : Edit button for posts.
ADD : Quite a bit of information to the INSTALL/README document.

================ PRE-RELEASE : VERSION 0.1-RC1 : 2004-MARCH-14 ================
There can't be any changes in the first release ;)


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